I picked joining Tumblr and staying active on here because: 

  1. I’m not attractive enough to be a Youtuber
  2. Not popular enough for twitter
  3. Facebook is dumb

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Keep Calm – For Villains


People: When’s the new season of korra coming out?

Me: image

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Title: Letters

Rating: T

Word Count - 2,400 words

Notes: Before she leaves, Korra left behind some letters. Mako deals with her absence. (I wanted to write something a bit deeper, what do you think?)

Without a word, Korra leaves everything behind. Everything. All of her clothes and worldly belongings, Naga, her hair. Katara finds the long, tangled strands in a messy heap on the floor, the knife responsible lying on the counter.

Apparently, she also left behind letters. They come in a neat parcel, one day, bundled with a light blue ribbon (too similar to the color of her eyes, he thinks) and Tenzin solemnly sorts them, handing them over one by one. Mako feels uncomfortable, like the Airbending Master is reading the Avatar’s last Will and Testament. She’s not dead, she’s just…not here.

Bolin instantly tears his open, sobbing quietly as Pabu nuzzles his cheek. Asami’s letter is thickest of the three and she slits her envelope open with cold precision, reading the words quickly before neatly folding the parchment in quarters. She sighs, her eyes sad but understanding, as she gently tucks the paper into her jacket.

Mako doesn’t open his, yet. He has no idea what Korra would want him to know, and he’s not sure if he could handle knowing…especially in front of the others.

No one questions—and no one asks. They all nod and go their separate ways. Everyone has a different way to cope.

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"Sexuality: Kai’s Book 4 voice."

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Normal People: October! Warm clothes, Halloween, pumpkin spiced everything, haunted hay rides, changing leaves, yay!

LoK fandom: October. The month for Korra. Korra’s month. The month specifically designed to honor Korra.

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"I am the Avatar and I gotta deal with it”

well thats depressing

that’s what friends are for

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Surfing Forever by Gabasonian
"We don’t want to give anything away because people can see it soon enough, but let’s say that everything comes together in a big way."

Bryan Konietzko

on Book 4 

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